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Wings of War Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
The hangar screen
The campaign menu
Take off!
Let's get it on!
Shield acquired
Ground targets up ahead!
Funny bonus objectives...
Switching planes
Now we are on a bomber!
Handling the turret
Bombs away!!
Swapping planes in the fog...
Using the binoculars for a close-up
Mission map
The cockpit view can be a bit confining...
Shooting these buildings gives you weapons and upgrades
Got to land at the spot...
Aboard a truck, time to take the fighting to the ground!
The roles are reversed now!
Yeee-haw!! Mission accomplished!
Flying in the rain
The red baron flies again!
Evade! Evade!
Made a mess of the whole place...
Flying in formation
That's my gunner up front