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WinPac 2 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's main screen
The game's help file opens in a new window that overwrites the main screen
The game has a level editor that is accessed via the menu bar.
The start of a single player game
When Pac Man eats a power pill he develops teeth and looks a bit scary
Pac Man can travel from the edge of the screen to the other via 'warp tubes' represented by the yellow arrows. The arrows only appear when Pac Man is close by.
When all the power pills have been eated the game stops immediately and begins painting the next level from the centre outwards
The start of level 2
If a high score is attained the player gets to enter their initials in a small windw. After this the high score table is displayed, it can also be accessed via the menu bar
Two player competative and cooperative games start like this with a message for both players to get ready
A two player game in progress. The colours of each Pac Man can be changed
The game selection screen opens in a new window that is larger than the game area.