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WipEout XL Credits

In-game Music Tracks

In‑game Music Tracks''Body In Motion'', ''Canada'', ''Hakapik Murder'', ''Plasticity'', ''Messij Received'', ''Surgeon'', ''Tenation'', ''Messij Xtnd'', ''Kinkong'', Tim Wright (aka CoLD SToRAGE [All Performed By])


Managing DirectorIan Hetherington
Director of DevelopmentAdrian Parr
Studio ManagerSarah Harris
Regional Head ProducerMorgan O'Rahilly
Head ProducerFeargus Carroll
ProducerAndy Satterthwaite
Associate ProducerRob Francis
Game DesignerNick Burcombe
Gameplay Co‑ordinatorRob Francis

PC Version Team

Programming TeamPaul Ah-Thion, Stewart Sockett, Nick Kimberley
ArtistsAshley Sanders, Dave Crook, John Harris, Craig Houston

PlaySation Development Team

Programming TeamStewart Sockett, Chris Roberts, Nick Kimberley
ArtistsPol Sigerson, Ashley Sanders, Nicky Carus-Wescott, Dave Crook, John Harris, Eve Penford, Darren Douglas, Jeff Bramfitt, Mick Harrison
Intro Movie Music''Herd Killing'' performed by Future Sound Of London, Tim Wright (aka CoLD SToRAGE [edited by])
"Herd Killing"appears courtesy of Virgin Records Limited, and, Brian Dougans (Dougans), Garry Cobain (Cobain), Joseph Ward Simmons (D. Simmons), D. M. C. (D. McDaniels), Jam Master Jay (J. Mizell), Sony Music Publishing
Extro Movie Music''Xylem'', ''Phloem'', ''Argon'', ''Xenon'', Tim Wright (aka CoLD SToRAGE [performed by])
Music''Body In Motion'', ''Canada'', ''Hakapik Murder'', ''Plasticity'', ''Messij Received'', ''Surgeon'', ''Tenation'', ''Messij Xtnd'', ''Kinkong'', Tim Wright (aka CoLD SToRAGE [performed by])
Sound EffectsTim Wright
Product ManagerSue Campbell
PR ManagerGlen O'Connell
Creative ServicesLorna Owen, Kelly Evans
Territories MarketingSabine Westenberger, Ingo Zaborowski, Caroline Dupuy, Benoite Lavie, Dawn Williams, Jane Hickey, Carolyn Seager, Michelle Harris, Mark Day, Dana Oertell, Stefanie Wassell
Technical SupportStephen Henstead
Technical AssistantsCraig Duddle, Chris Stanley
Development SecretaryJennifer Rees
Manual Written byDamon Fairclough
Creative DesignIkon Communications
Packaging IllustrationJim Bowers
Quality AssurancePaul Tweedle, Anthony Cross, Mark Inman, David Parkinson, Richard John Yandle, David Blakeborough, Andrew Durney, Stephen Allen, Thomas Rees, Jeff Bird, Robert Sutton
QA ManagerKevin Turner
Special Thanks toAndrew Crowley, David Rose, Dominic Mallinson, Pete Sheppard


wipEout™ 2097© Psygnosis 1997

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (217070)