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Witch Trainer Windows The main menu


Witch Trainer Credits

19 people (13 developers, 6 thanks)

Witch Trainer

Written by Akabur
Directed by Akabur
Head programmer Akabur
Artwork by Akabur
Additional artworkDaniil Kuzmichev (credited as Dahr)
Texts proofread and edited by Lyk.D9
Technical advisor Xaljio
Game Testers Xaljio, Lyk.D9, Daniil Kuzmichev (credited as Dahr), Akabur

Music & Sound

Sound effects
Music provided by
"(Orchestral) Playful Tension" byShadow16NH
"Prologue"Harry Potter OST
"Shanghai Honey" byOrange Range
"Introducing Colin"Harry Potter OST
"Neville's Waltz"Harry Potter OST
"The Quidditch Match"Harry Potter OST
"Anguish" byKevin MacLeod
"Awkward Meeting" byKevin MacLeod
"Brittle Rille" byKevin MacLeod
"Chipper Doodle V2" byKevin MacLeod
"Dark Fog" byKevin MacLeod
"Despair" byErenik
"Game Over Theme"Final Fantasy VII OST
"Boss Theme"Final Fantasy VII OST
"Hitman" byKevin MacLeod
"Music for Manatees" byKevin MacLeod
"Plaint" byKevin MacLeod


For still working for me pretty much free of charge. For inspiring me to keep on going and simply for being a good friend and colleague.Daniil Kuzmichev (credited as Dahr)
For not only being my personal Ren'Py consultant but also an extremely thorough game-tester. Xaljio
For toiling tirelessly over my texts full of typos and broken grammar. Lyk.D9 (a.k.a. Silentchill)
For everything.Bookfisher
For giving me an opportunity to release another game while retaining complete creative freedom.The Fate [Universe or Higher Power.]
Additional thanksA whole bunch of other people who helped me with development of this game in one way or another; but whom I forgot to mention. And of course to everyone else who supports me and my work.

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