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The Witcher (Windows)

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Written by  :  Melody (119)
Written on  :  Mar 15, 2008
Rating  :  4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars

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Every man wants to be like Geralt, every game wants to be like The Witcher

The Good

I want to talk about the hero first. The more you play "The Witcher", the more you can fall in love with Geralt. He is not a completely cold-blooded person, but he is always in a conflict. He also wants to have family, to live a normal life, but he is a witcher, he follows his profession. I think this game is a little bit too cruel to him... My feeling is that after you have played the game for a long time, you begin to really care for what happens to the witcher.

Already when I saw the intro, I thought that Geralt was very ugly; with a scar on his face, and white hair, I was sure that no girl would be able to fall in love with him. Then my husband told me that many women found Geralt attractive, and I just said: "Chyeahh!.." But the more you play the game, you will be attracted to his character, not his face. His expression is always the same: when you see him you think he is cold-blooded, but when you play the game, you will see he has a lot of feelings, passions, he can also fall in love with a girl. And he has a great voice.

In China there is an old saying: "英雄难过美人关" (yingxiong nanguo meirenguan), it means: no matter how brave a hero is in battle, he will be helpless against a beautiful woman. Like me! Let me compliment myself... Okay, just a joke. Anyway, Geralt is just like this.

Now about the princess. Actually, I think Geralt and the princess are the best couple! Because Geralt is cool as a man, and the princess is very beautiful. And I think her character is like "Shanghai princess"...

In the story there are many moments that will shock you. You'd think you are already near the end, but the story continues. Pity that the final battles were too easy. In this story, there are no perfect solutions, always conflict. Even the main villain has his own reasons. Actually his goal is not bad at all. But I really don't understand the final cut scene... About the main villain: I really hate such people in real life. People who do things behind you back, don't act directly.

In "The Witcher", you create your character by taking decisions in the game. Those decisions influence the story and the characters who appear in it. Like on that illusion island, where characters from the past come to meet you.

In the gameplay, the best part is that you have two swords, to fight different people. And you should judge them by their looks. There are also three different styles. You should have a quick reaction to choose one of those styles to fight different enemies. Also, the fighting is not like in other games, click the mouse and that's all; you can't click too much, you must decide when to click and wait until you have finished one action.

Because my English is not good enough, I never put those points to make Geralt stronger, it was my husband who did all that. In the beginning we played this game in Chinese, so I also helped him a lot! I can't say much about this system. In such a game, you always want to have all of those abilities, but of course you can't.

The graphics are amazing! All those islands, also the lake, it's very beautiful.

You don't notice much the music in the game. But the battle music was very good. Also, if you want to listen to folk music, you can click on the violinist, and he says all the time "Just listen"... "just listen"... "just listen"...

The Bad

The intro shows Geralt fighting a monster (who is actually a princess); so you expect the game to be a love story or some sad thing, but in the end it's all about the society, corruption, such things. This is not bad, the story is very interesting, but I feel it wasn't very related to the intro.

There are too many people who look the same, it always confused me! Like that old woman from the village, Vaska. There are a lot of those vaskas in the game! All old women look like her, in every village you find some who walk around.

There are many places that look like you can go there, but actually you can't. That's very annoying.

Also, there is a bug, when you can't go through in one place no matter what you do.

The Bottom Line

Thank you very much, Polish developers. You've created such a manly Geralt, and a great game. I'm lucky that my husband didn't kill me, he was always jealous of Geralt when we played!