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Within a Deep Forest Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Introduction: the hidden lab
Introduction: A ball washes ashore.
Main menu
Tutorial level
The white light shows a save point.
Well isn't that cute.
The hedgehog is one of the first to grant you a new type of ball.
I'm not quite there yet, the barrier is blocking the path.
Underground cave - water is deadly.
These levels are very confusing until you discover the logic behind them.
Inside the cloud castle, there is a nifty puzzle here.
The mine level has refreshing action gameplay.
Just run into a wall and you will find out.
Another sublevel
The mole is having some tea.
Beautiful flowers underground
Another one of those confusing levels with a lot of traps
This level is entirely made of cheese.
The monster's strategic placement isn't very encouraging for the jump to the top right corner.
Inside a creature's stomach
The ice level in the future
The king grants you a new ball type.
Now you can fly!
The pixel art is often astonishing.
The crystal palace level will have you grind your teeth.
Back to Pinewood Heights, with all ball types available.
Laser puzzle
Tubes in the underground lab
Another laser puzzle
The secret levels, still locked.