Wizardry 8 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title Screen
Clip from the Intro
Main Menu
Gather your Party from pre-made or create your own characters
Play using the "Sample Party" if you wish
My All Female party
"Camp" screen
Fighting Slimes
Talking to NPCs is interesting. Words are added as you go along, or you can elect to add your own words.
Important things are added to the Journal
You can add notes to any map.
This guy gives you more info about your overall objective.
Caution! Some crypts contain traps.
The chest is locked & trapped, so you'll use a complex formula of lock-picking techniques to open it.
Exploring the monastery
No magic is effective against a Marble Golem. Just whack him to death.
The "Hex" spell, like many others, can be targeted close by or far away. You can also select the strength (or longevity) of the spell by clicking on one of the circles in the selection screen.
This evil lady's name is Al-Sedexus. She is one of the hardest "bosses" to beat.
Portals like this one are few and far between.
You can arrange the positions of your party members. A good idea is to have your spell casters protected behind your fighters. But remember that enemies can attack from any direction.
These psi-sharks are some of the most dangerous creatures you'll encounter in places under water. They use psionic spells, making my party-members insane and paralyzed.
Using a blizzard spell, because these enemies are vulnerable to water-magic.
When you reach a new level of experience, you get to (among other things) distribute new skill-points.
With a high mythology skill, you can get valuable information about your enemies, such as what magic they are resistant to.
These ugly monsters can swallow your party-members. Luckily, you can get them back if you kill the creatures.
You can ally yourself with the alien race known as the T'Rang.
The crystal unicorns are beautiful, but are extremely dangerous at the same time.
You'll visit many exotic locations in this game.
Sometimes you'll meet unique and difficult boss-monsters. This is Nessie, and she wants us for dinner...
Do not underestimate the Rattkin. They are agile and very hard to hit. And they can back-stab...
Lizard-man's anatomy
Big roaches
Faerie mage