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WizMo's Workshop: Dragons of Frozzbokk Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Wizmo's title screen
The simple sign-in screen
The Workshop, showing Archie, Lulu, and Wizmo: nearly everything is clickable
Introducing J.J., Flower, Sparkey, and Ozzie. The clock keeps time with your computer clock!
Wizmo explains the rules...
It's concentration - Ozzie flies up and knocks on the door you pick
Wizmo hands out prizes - this one is known as a "milk tornado"! (the cow spins)
All the prizes are kept here - this dancing turtle does a moonwalk...
Flower's Easel, for painting and stamping
You can really make some beautiful pictures here!
Sparkey's Scrolls - click the correct choice to fill in the word. The white glove with a wand is your cursor through the whole game
Each time you win a machine part it's back to the Workshop to add it on...
Mousinni's Mouse Hole - the little mice are somewhat bored - see the one yawning?
Looks like Legos! Mousinni says: "I bet that you are part mouse, no?"
The Meadow, targeting objects for Archie to shoot
Winning part of the machine - the propeller
The Critter Swamp - J.J. leaping to net the target dragonfly
The finished machine!
Wizmo takes the flying machine for a spin