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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Credits

81 people

Splash Damage

Game DesignerPaul Wedgwood
Managing DirectorPaul Wedgwood
Business DirectorFrancisca Wedgwood
Creative DirectorRichard Jolly
Lead ArtistRichard Jolly
Artist / AnimatorFrancis Hobbins
Additional ArtPer Abrahamsen
Lead ProgrammerArnout van Meer
ProgrammerGordon Biggans
Programmer / ArtistRandy Reddig
DesignersTim Kautz, Ed Stern
Audio EngineerTim Kautz
WriterEd Stern
Lead Level DesignerMatthew Wilson
Senior Level DesignerSimon O'Callaghan
Level DesignerMark Fry, Thomas Creutzenberg, Christian Farcy, Lloyd Morris
Additional Level DesignLee Mercer


ProducerJonathan Moses
Associate ProducerDouglas W. Avery
InstallerJohn Fritts
Production CoordinatorSteven Holmes
Production TesterMatthew Beal
Sr. Executive ProducerLaird M. Malamed
VP North American StudiosMark Lamia
QA Project LeadBrad Saavedra, Evan Button
QA Senior Project LeadMatthew McClure
QA Floor LeadNathaniel McClure
QA TestersMatthew Nelson, Shane Sasaki, Erik Melen, Eric Beaumont, Sean Berrett, Mike Castillo-Walsh, Randolph L. S. d'Amore, Andrew S Molloy, Robert Max Martin, Julian Dimarco, Ayal Moreno, Charles Staples, James White, Paul Fortin, Lawrence Wong, Chris Wagener, Kyle C Jackson, Paul Goldilla, Cory Rice, Stephen Peterson, Daniel Kannard, Douglas Todd, Michael Restifo, James Call
CRG LeadJefrey Sedivy
NetworkChris Keim Sr.
CompatibilityNeil Barizo
QA ManagerMarilena Morini
Manager, Code Release GroupTim Vanlaw
Sr. Lead, Code Release GroupJason Levine
Manager, Customer SupportBob McPherson

id Software

Executive ProducerKevin Cloud
Additional ProgrammingTimothee Besset

PunkBuster by Even Balance, Inc.

PresidentTony Ray
Senior Project LeaderBjorn Christoph
Research / TechnicalBrett Lentz, Paul Seal, Ryan Mannion, Jason Roman, Daniel Ferguson, Wouter Tromp, Barry Worthy, Mathew Collins
User Support / DocumentationKen Creedon, Stuart Dunsmore, Jason Allison, Hendrik Thole, Kim Andersen, Dougald Beaudoin


Voice CastDrew Markham (Allied / Axis soldiers), Neil Ross (Axis Commander), Granville van Dusen (Allied Commander)
Intro MovieNerve Software

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Credits for this game were contributed by Nathaniel McClure (12), Kartanym (12758), AdminBB (108) and Jeanne (76388)