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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The introductory movie plays out in older-style black and white film
The title menu
The Limbo Screen allows you to change teams, choose weapons and classes, and see what is going on in the mission
Machine guns can be controlled by players and provide some powerful cover fire
At the end of a mission, players can view how they rank
Medics usually stay out of the line of fire, but are ready to come forward to heal or revive team members
Death is not always permanent -- sometimes you are wounded and can wait for a medic to put you back in the game
Viewing the map allows you to track the movements of your team members
Spectators can watch all the action -- or just the scenery -- from afar
Engineers can build or repair a variety of items
Damaging the tank prevents the Allies from accomplishing their mission
While the level is loading, you can read the overview and see what features of the server are running.
When first joining, you're in Limbo Mode, allowing you to view the game from any player's perspective.
Nowadays there are the so called XP save servers and with huge campaigns.
This is the CP (short for Command Post). Building this usually rewards the corresponding team to spawn faster (in shorter times).
The soldier is the class with more weapons (and these may change according to the mod / game modification).
This is the Axis engineer building his team's command post.
The engineers may carry a rifle with a grenade attached. Hits with it give engineering experience.
The small graph on the right is the so called "lagometer". The green line shows the player's ping, while the blue one represents the game events.
The map's end screen allows at least three screens, one for the player list, other for the team listing and the last one for the roll of honor (shown).
One of the main differences between R.T.C.W.'s multiplayer mode and E.T. is the covert ops class. A player of this class can steal enemy uniforms and appear to the enemy like one of their own.
The game supports up to 64 players. You can also record games. In this screen, a game on ETPro is replayed.