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Wonderland Online Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Combined title and loading screen of version 5.0.
Choosing one of the ship crash survivors to play.
I chose one of the bar keepers. Don't really know why, because he's got power in his arms?
In the beginning I'm enjoying a Titanic-like ocean liner trip.
Posing with an attack pestle in the premium shop.
Mini games aboard the ship - take one.
Mini games aboard the ship - take two.
The catastrophe has just begun.
Guess who rescued me? Island? Lonely? Yeah, you guessed right.
The beginner island is a little crowded.
My first pet and me - it's not love at first sight.
Roaming the beginner islands you will see many of those tent townships - the resting places of other players.
You can even visit them in their tents.
The battle screen. My monkey and me taking on two fruity monsters.
Harvesting the spoils of war: I earned a new skill and two of many fruity items this game has to offer.
Ah, my new skill "Flame Attack" lets me attack like a flame. Good thing, I looked it up in the skill tree.
Trying out a skill attack - these use some magic points, too.
Acquiring an easy beginner quest.
As there are a myriad of quests to solve, the game keeps track of them.
Inside a building - the astrologian has some nice items for me.
The collection book of monsters is filling up quickly.
My own tent has the charm of a prison cell, but luckily I can build my own furniture to improve this.
An NPC girlie with half-face eyes and foreign language is about to join me. All these NPCs have their own background story to experience.
This is the pet inventory called "hotel". Caught monsters and accompanying NPCs are treated exactly the same.
Once in a while I burst out laughing about the localization.
The leader board shows some different rankings, but always people with no life.
With the remote control for battles you can do some automatic grinding.
Just found the recipe for a nice raft. Now I only need to find the ingredients.
For the sake of the Mayan gods - what are you doing there?
Witnessing a tragic story event.
Killed main NPCs get their own constellation on the night sky.
Taking a look at my well-filled inventory. This game has every food you can think of.
With this synthesize pot I can turn many items into one (hopefully) better one. If I remember correctly, this combination brought up some cabbage !
Trying to start an instanced dungeon. Only one player more needs to join, then the private party is about to begin.
Playing an instanced dungeon - looking for the evil fruit and veg family.
A friendly player joined me to battle this appalling Banana Guard and his dreadful Banana Monsters.
The instanced dungeon is complete, waiting to return to the normal game world.
I made friends with the friendly female from the instanced dungeon and, err, became her pet.
As one of her pets, I can only control my character in batttles myself.
Yeah, Brielleta and I. We travel together, we fight together, and after a hard day's work we relax together.