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55 (Feb 07, 2001)
Woody Woodpecker Racing ne détrônera pas les maîtres du genre sur consoles. Le gameplay est trop confus, et les circuits manquent d'intérêt. Les plus jeunes auront du mal à s'y retrouver, d'autant que l'humeur joyeuse du pivert ne transparaît pas dans le jeu.
So, does Woody Woodpecker Racing come through as a game? For us, it didn't. It's a stark, bleak view of reality rife with violence and a "survival of the fittest" attitude that worked well in the days before modern science. However, with medical miracles and the highest average lifespan known in our short existence on this planet, we have to think that we've evolved beyond hitting each other over the head with frying pans and retractable boxing gloves. While children may find this game fun, its imitation of the difficulty level seen in life may turn off all but the most rugged child. And even then, perhaps an Elmo game or even the Teletubbies are more appropriate. We just don't have the space to go into their life views.
GameStar (Germany) (Jan, 2001)
Doch die Strecken sind leider unspektakulär und unübersichtlich, Siege nur mit viel Glück möglich: Einmal irgendwo angetitscht, schon braust die Konkurrenz fast uneinholbar von dannen. Das nervt vor allem im kurzem Weltmeisterschaftsmodus, wenn Sie dadurch das erste Rennen vermasseln.
Aside from the more sim-like (and old-in-the-tooth) Manic Karts and the more recent, and surprisingly entertaining, Lego Racing, the PC doesn't really have a definitive kart game. Woody Woodpecker Racing brings little to the genre; even if you don't expect more than a few cheap thrills from a game like this, you're still better off playing... well, you're better off buying a console and playing one of the innumerable superior kart-racing games on your platform of choice.
Game Over Online (Dec 21, 2000)
When the checkered flag comes out and the champagne is poured, Woody Woodpecker Racing is as generic a kart racing game as they come. Those features that are unique to the title, like the vehicle variety and the side attack, aren't significant enough to overshadow the extremely poor and frustrating gameplay, the lackluster visuals and the limited controls. For a game intended for younger audiences, Woody Woodpecker Racing misses the boat completely. Bottom line, steer clear of Woody Woodpecker Racing.
Das alles gerät dank der schlecht kontrollierbaren Gefährte zur Fieselübung für Geübte, grafisch reißt die Rennerei auch wenig.
PC Games (Germany) (Mar 07, 2001)
Neben der einfallslosen und klobigen Grafik fällt vor allem die ungenaue Steuerung auf. Durch das völlig indiskutable Fahrverhalten der Vehikel wird ein Sieg in fast jeder Runde zum reinen Glücksspiel. Besonders enttäuschend ist außerdem der fehlende Mehrspielermodus.