World of WarCraft: The Burning Crusade Screenshots (Windows)

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The city of Silvermoon is an ancient repository of the power of the destroyed High Elven nation.
The Blood Elves are a proud and noble race, whose females happen to look particularly fantastic in their underwear...
Come on boys... once you've had Blood Elf, you'll never go back... ;)
Wandering near SunStrider Isle.
Fighting a Feral Tender.
Following a Group Member.
Swimming underwater.
Looting the corpse's treasure.
The character selection screen
The Valley of Strength: Orcish town
Approaching Durotar.
The view in Mulgore is simply breathtaking.
Exploring a dungeon.
The character info screen
Ruins Sighted! Time for some fun!
I have a pet cockroach :)
A newbie troll. My brand new character :)
Flying around.
The Draenei crash site
The Draenei. One of BC's new races.
An undead warlock takes to the skies on one of the new flying mounts