World of WarCraft: Wrath of the Lich King Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Login screen
Creating a Nightelf Death Knight.
One of the new loading screens
Visitor, I command you to kneel before the might of Frostmourne and the power of it's carrier Arthas, the Lich King!
Taking the transport to the next island.
Death Knights enchant their own weapons.
Controlling an eye to spy on the Scarlet Crusade.
Duelling another Death Knight.
The map of the new zone Howling Fjord.
Ridin' into the sundown or at least something like that.
Glyphs and a tab for keeping pats - all new in the add-on.
Achievements - the curse has reached WoW.
That's one sad pirate
The Wrathgate - Door to Icecrown, the home of Arthas.
Dalaran - City in the clouds.
The King's back!
A highly risky meeting in the heart of the enemy base.
Assault on Undercity.
A view an Alliance player doesn't see every day.
You really don't wanna know...
Controllable vehicles and mounts now play an import role in quests and PvP.
The screen where updates are downloaded.