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Written by  :  Evan Agresti (7)
Written on  :  Oct 17, 2009
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  3.43 Stars3.43 Stars3.43 Stars3.43 Stars3.43 Stars

6 out of 7 people found this review helpful

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The Definitive MMO experience.

The Good

This game doesn't really need to be reviewed, its faults and success are visible for most people interested in playing an MMO to see. Yet, I still feel like I have something to say about the game.

I've played quite a few MMO's and this one was the best. Not the most fun, but it was the best. The game is the quickest to get into and has a very stable feel.

Another good thing about the game is how they are pretty delicate with character deaths. A lot of games totally punish you when a character dies in the game which I think is one of the reasons why this game is so easy to pick up.

The graphics and control are also very solid as well as the characters graphics and control. In some MMO's for some reason controlling the character is really awkward. In this game it's not the case. Everything just feels so standard and put together, which makes it easy to play the game.

World of Warcraft reminds me a lot of multiplayer Starcraft. Just like Starcraft the game has a very high learning curve that you may never achieve. And just like Starcraft the game is done to death that it doesn't feel like you're doing anything new, yet the game is so balanced that it still is the definitive experience for its Genre.

The Bad

Overview: The game falls into the problems that any other MMO falls into. It simply engrosses such a large amount of time and for what? A few bits of gear, etc. But, the thing is, that's just how MMO's are right now. And most people are fine with that.

The Bottom Line

The game deserves to be so popular, It really is a good game. However, its an MMO. And because the game is an MMO, it is a really time consuming game that has a huge learning curve at later levels.

What makes the game addicting is that you cannot just stop and pause the game. Many people are very competitive gamers and this game has no pause button. What this does is cause the game to demand giant scores of time. If you don't put in enough time as your peers you will literally fall behind. If you leave the game you're not pissing off some game characters you're pissing off real people. And secondly, the MMO has become so competitive that at the highest levels you must spend gargantuan amounts of time playing. All of this comes together to make a person, susceptible already to playing a game too much, spend an enormous amount of time on the game.