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Windows version

Intro Video - The Dwarf looks real
Intro Video - Where else would a dwarf live, but in a mountain?
Intro Video - The Night Elf
Intro Video - A Tauren casting dust into the wind
Login Screen
A list of realms to choose from
Creating your character ... choose your race, class, gender, name, and features
Choose what character you want to play from the list of your characters
Talk to people with an exclamation point above their heads to get quests
Fighting a wolf. Looks like it's about to bite my head off
After the kill, don't forget to loot your victim
The Quest Log shows you all the information on active quests, including if they are completed or not
Go and talk to people with a question mark above them to complete a quest and to choose your reward
Buying and selling items is just a matter of dragging them from the store to your backpack or vice versa
Talk to your class trainer to learn new skills and you'll get an animation like this
Some of the Collector's Edition pets that you can only get with the Collector's Edition. The only one not shown is a Mini Diablo
There are many caves for you to explore
Use your Social screen to add friends, ignore people, access guild information and raid information, and see who is nearby
Access your skills and spells in the spellbook and use your professions to make different items
I think best while sitting on my bear
The map updates itself as you explore new areas. Note that this is only a small portion of the entire world
Go swimming whenever you like, but be careful of the creatures you may find underwater
Death... It happens. When dead, either speak to the spirit healer to resurrect with a penalty, or find your corpse and resurrect without a penalty. Night elves are wisps when dead
Summoning an imp as an orc warlock
I caught a fish thiiiisssss big! You can also see my imp and its "pet" icon next to my own icon
The Ancient Protectors of the Night Elves are very large
Looking out over the treetops at the evening sky
A mage in all her glory
Dancing with mi'lady. The icon below mine shows that we're in a party. Anyone in your party will be shown like that
Different Loot Systems can be selected for a party. Here, an uncommon item is rolled for by all party members
Installation screen and menu

'The Times' DVD trial release