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World Racing Credits

SYNETIC - The Fun Factory

ConceptRenate Langenkämper, Jürgen Kersting, André Kröker, Michael Bittner, Carsten Holtmann, Andreas Leicht
DesignRenate Langenkämper, Jürgen Kersting, André Kröker, Michael Bittner, Carsten Holtmann, Andreas Leicht
3D ProgrammingMichael Bittner
FRED ProgrammingPeter Jertz, Jochen Hofmeier, Georg Rottensteiner
Frontend ProgrammingRenate Langenkämper
3D Graphics & RenderingCarsten Holtmann
Object DesignAndré Kröker, Carsten Holtmann
Track DesignAndré Kröker, Jürgen Kersting, Carsten Holtmann, Andreas Leicht
Sound FXmeatwater
MusicNick Schreger, Detlef Piepke, Olaf Georgi, Christian Becker
Manual & TextsJürgen Kersting, Renate Langenkämper
Product Presentation & PRAndreas Leicht (Project Coordination), Renate Langenkämper, Jürgen Kersting, Andreas Leicht (Project Coordination)
Internal TestingToralf Heidel, Oliver Hartmann, Sascha Drinkuth, Markus Klich
Special ThanksOlly Hartmann (for proofreading many of our texts), Jan-Till Manzius (from DDD Design for the phone call that started it all)
Very Special ThanksTo our partners; friends and children who stood by us despite the fact we were seldom at home during this time

TDK Mediactive (A TDK Recording Media S.A. Division)

DirectorHeiko tom Felde
Development and LocalisationHans-Jürgen Brändle, Christopher Schmitz, Norbert Wellmeyer
MarketingAndreas Eugen Kähmer, Neil Berry, Adrian J. Fernandez-Lacey
PRMichael Domke, Virginie Bousquet, Karin Jungmann, Beatrice Schneider
PrePressHeiko Höpfner
OperationsMarie-Paule Van der Veken, Malcolm Choat
Quality Assurance LeadOliver Blanck
Quality Assurance TestersTill Boss, Christian Johrden
Mercedes‑BenzJens Peter Heuer, Oliver Eck, Andreas Häfner, Thomas Jentsch
FYI Public RelationsToni Ruhle
Frédérich Henry CommunicationGéraldine Férrier
Cohn & Wolfe Public Relations GmbHRoman Laufer
Text 100 SLTomas Alonso
Barrington HarveyHelen Osborne
3pMoses Pelham, Illmatic, John Ruhrmann, Goran Baric
amaruvisionBenno Klandt
DoRo BerlinDennis Karsten, Linda Anhang, Gunter Puzkar, Oliver Marquardt, Christian Schliebs
IlluvisionRicarda Thiel, Tom Thiel
MOS GEKonrad von Loehneysen, Christoph Kammel, Roland Leesker, Ken Sushi
EGO1Palle Pfeiffer
a+o GmbHAngelika Oplesch, Branka Premuzak, Catrin Meyer, Olaf-Christian Wagner
CASIO Europe GmbHHarald Schröder (Marketing Manager)
Blaupunkt GmbHClemens K. Krebs (Communications Lead), Guido Hellmer (Internet Manager)
PhotographyJürgen H. Krause
Manual byMartin Naß
Music provided byMinistry of Sound, Bass Bumpers
Special thanks toThe complete TDK Mediactive team in all our international subsidaries and to all our distributors

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159004)