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World War II Combat: Iwo Jima Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Intro in-game cutscene. Arriving at Iwo Jima.
Tossed right into the thick of battle.
Search fallen enemies for ammunition.
Mine your step! Get it?...mine?
Occasionally you'll find items you can interact with such as this key.
Walking down to the small airfield.
Using the sniper scope on Japanese sniper.
Gunfight inside a hut. Those cupboards can be opened.
Collect these souvenir items and unlock trivia.
Time to set charges on those planes.
Fighting enemies guarding a big gun.
Don't be distracted my Saipan's beautiful scenery.
Climbing a mountain-side to reach that bunker.
Nearing the bunker.
Flushed out the bunker that was targeted.
Sometimes you can use the enemies heavy guns against themselves.
Sneaking into the town of Garapan at night-time.
A tank blows up right behind him but he's still fighting me!
The town is devastated.
Your objectives are updated as you go along. Sometimes, however, you have no idea where you're supposed to go or what to do.
The infamous sands of Iwo Jima.
An enemy soldier performs a physics dance as he gets shot.
An enemy combatant sits atop a truck on Mt. Suribachi.
Getting shot from the mountainside building while another soldier runs at me from behind the truck.
So this was the vantage point of the guys in the building shooting at me.
Trying to take the airfield while explosions detonate all around me.
Throwing grenades through the enemy encampment.
Checking up on our vehicles.
A B-52 lands damaged.
Use wirecutters to cut this trip-wire.
Running around the trenches while a tank watches from afar.
Using the flame-thrower on enemies.
Lost in a deep canyon.
This chart helps you give order to your mortar attacks.
I got literally blown up. There are mines all over the place and are used to keep you from wandering around the levels.
A bombing run by our flyboys to clean up everything you can't deal with.
In multiplayer games you can play as the axis.
Since it uses the Unreal engine I'm just as terrible at the multiplayer.