World War II: Frontline Command Credits

The Bitmap Brothers

CodeDave Cantrell, Oliver Dibben, Mike Montgomery, Bruce Nesbit, John M. Phillips
Additional Code/BugsAntony Bowler
DesignJamie Barber, Neil Jones-Rodway, Jim Whitworth
Additional DesignAlys Robinson, The Code Department
GraphicsStewart Brownsmith, Mark Coleman, John Kershaw, Adam Norbury, Neil Jones-Rodway, Alexander Smale, Dean Turner, Jim Whitworth, Phil Young
ManagementJamie Barber, Ed Bartlett, Mike Montgomery, John M. Phillips
MusicDavid R. Punshon (Bling/Air Studios), Richard Wells (Bling/Air Studios)
Orchestra Co‑ordinatorPaul Talkington
Main WWII Theme arranges, orchestrated and conducted byAllan Wilson
Main WWII Theme performed byThe Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra
Quality AssuranceTrevor Barnes, Tim Coode, Navino Evans, Steven Frazer, Tim Mawson
ScriptsJamie Barber, Alys Robinson, Neil Jones-Rodway, Jim Whitworth
Sound EffectsJonathan Colling (Octagon Music)
Video Sound Editing / ManagementTrevor Barnes
Voice Acting ‑ UKTom Clarke-Hill, Mac Macdonald

Koch Media

Managing DirectorCraig McNicol
Sales DirectorPaul Nicholls
Commercial DirectorKerri Davies
Product Marketing Manager / DevelopmentStuart Chiplin
PR Manager / DevelopmentDavid Blundell
Graphic DesignRob Pace
Sales ManagerDave Nelson
Key Accounts ManagerPratul Shah
Telesales ExecutiveEmma Brighty
Box ArtHead First
Head FirstCarl Pugh, Stephen Hey
LocalisationBabel Media
Babel MediaBen Wibberley, Péa Eigler, Isabel Mitchell
German TextGabriele Kahn-Levinson, Claude P. Esmein
Spanish TextCarmen Calvo-Rodriguez
US / German / French / Italian Voice ProductionSide UK
Voice Acting ‑ FranceStéphane Cornicard, Olivier Deslandes
Voice Acting ‑ GermanySteffan Boje, Stefan Grothgar
Voice Acting ‑ ItalianAlessandro Ricci, Angelo Cola
Special Thanks toATI, Creative Labs, nVIDIA, Matrox, Babel Media, Head First, Daniel Aurell, Jane Birch, Richard Blenkinsop, Graeme Boxall, Daniel Boutros, Stephen Cargill, John Foster, Fred, Callum Godfrey, Richard Grainger, Abby Hains, Richard Holmes, IMP, Johnny The Boy, Alex Josef, Ross Kidner, Sally Montgomery, Laura Peterson, Nigel Pierson, Graham Sergeant, Treep, Trooper, Patricia Whitworth, Philip Wright, Arthur Wyatt
UsesBink Video
Bink Video (c) Copyright 1997-2003 byRAD Game Tools Inc.
This product contains software technology licensed fromGameSpy Industries Inc.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (215715)