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World War II: Pacific Heroes Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu screen.
The mission briefing screen. Don't expect much text here, the missions are pretty much straight-forward.
One of the loading screens. This one shows a Zero chasing a Dauntless.
The first mission: shooting down a Zero with a Corsair.
In mission two you have to protect your home ship with an anti-air gun.
In the third mission you have to protect your aircraft carrier from enemy planes.
Sinking some barges in mission four.
Protecting our flag ship in another anti-air mission, this time with a machine gun.
In your first mission with the Dauntless you have to sink some enemy ships.
In mission 8, one of our ships got heavilly damaged. Now you have to defend the drifters from the enemy airplanes.
The Dauntless doing what it is best at: sinking ships.
Attacking enemy tanks
Protecting the coast from both air and sea attack.
Sinking enemy barges with a field gun.
My Dautless got shot in the last mission.