Worldwide Soccer Manager 2005 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Starting a new game.
Manager information
Dream come true
Pundits aren't too impressed with my appointment either.
So this is the bunch I'm supposed to take to glory?
But at least there's some money to splash around.
It's always a good idea to tell everyone who you are interested in...
So, let's try to sign someone.
A good training program is the backbone of a succesful team..
This lad could be useful in right mid.
More player info.
Let's see what the assistant manager thinks.
That was rubbish, this is the tactic for winners!
Fine tuning.
Great pass from Gravesen, but Cahill blasts over.
This time Mr Salmon Leap isn't to be denied.
Osman had a very good game on the right while Bent got a knock.
Not a bad start for a new Premier League manager.
Player comparison
Match Tactics
Media Interaction runs through all the CPU managers
The result of offering a player to a club
A league match in progress
Two of the stats screens which can be displayed in-game
Training - Walker is improving but Cohen is not
An occasional consequence of your actions
Turner wants a first-team turn, or he could turn away from Everturn. Or something.
Media interaction
This doesn't quite make sense, but you see it a lot
A reserve match, using a mix of fringe players and emerging youngsters
Contract renewal
News about other big-name or targetted players is also reported
The result of praising a player
The league tables are updated during the matches
Damning with faint praise, this one
Match report
The physio treats Young, but the match goes on
Notice how the board and fans don't want exactly the same things
Not all information about all players is known - scouting required here