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Advertising Blurbs – Nintendo 64:
    Spineless soldiers slither and skirmish in this sly send-up of the strategy genre.

    "Cry 'Havoc!' and let slip the worms of war" just might be the rallying cry of Team 17's offbeat series of strategy games. An impressive, if unexpected, success on the PC, the fightin' fishbait have boldly squirmed to both the N64 and Game Boy Color.

    Worms: Armageddon is a fast-paced turn-based strategy game starring a cast of sharp-witted and heavily armed worms. The single-player mode offers 30 missions and 14 training levels for your squishing pleasure. The main objective in these missions is to destroy the opposing army of enemy worms, occasionally completing special objectives along the way.

    Unlike Command & Conquer and other real-time strategy games, you don't have to worry about your enemies' machinations while you contemplate your next bold move. To keep things perking along, though, Worms: Armageddon has set a time limit on turn-taking.

    One of the most popular aspects of the PC Worms games was the Brit wisecracks. For Worms: Armageddon, developer Infogrames Lyon has kept some of the best one-liners and added some new ones.

    Comedic sound bites are backed up by quirky level design and an off-the-wall arsenal of 41 zany weapons. Besides the expected grenades and bazookas, the warmongering worms are able to unleash Sheep Launchers, Baseball Bats, Air Strikes and even Mad Cows.

    Don't let the zaniness fool you, though, Worms: Armageddon is supported by a impressive physics system that forces you to consider wind conditions and ballistics before unleashing assaults.

    Although Worms: Armageddon features 2D graphics reminiscent of the Super NES era, their cartoonish appearance actually adds to the charming tone and appeal of the game. There's something about watching cute little worms beat the heck out of each other that tickles our fancy. If you're willing to forget about textured polygons and real-time lighting, Worms will win you over with its unique appearance.

    Even though Worms isn't as complex as some other strategy titles, a big part of the challenge lies in learning how to command your worms. We recommend completing the training levels before leaping tail first into combat. Once you begin to feel comfortable with the weaponry and the ins and outs of combat, you'll discover that the play control is perfectly suited for the game.

    The best aspect of Worms: Armageddon is its intense four-player action. After creating your own hand-picked team of worm specialists, you can compete against three of your most military-minded pals. The game automatically keeps track of your wins and losses, as well as how many kills you've accumulated.

    If there isn't any human competition nearby, you can wage worm war against the computer. With an option for randomly generated levels and a plethora of other tweakable features, Worms: Armageddon delivers long-lasting action that's refreshingly unique.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65732) on Aug 18, 2005.

Advertisement in PC Games, January 1999 (German):


    Worms: Verschlagene kleine Fieslinge, die superschlecht drauf sind, und denen jeder Tag schnurzegal ist, auch wenn's der letzte sein sollte!

    ARMAGEDDON: Der entscheidende Kampf zwischen GUT und BÖSE am Tag des Jüngsten Gerichts.

    WORMS, die Sie uns nicht erst aus der Nase ziehen müssen! Größer. Besser. Und vollgepackt mit besonders tollen (und besonders bösartigen!) Extras. Ob Einzelspieler, Multiplayer oder schleim-schleichend durch das Internet - dies ist DAS GROSSE ROSA SUPERDING - alle Ergänzungen, alle Features und umwerfend viele ultracoole Spielmodi: Dies ist das Ultimative Worms-Spiel.

    Worms Armageddon: Lustig, nervig, clever und gemein, aber immer und vor allem GAMEPLAY PUR.


    Contributed by Xoleras (66458) on Feb 16, 2005.

Back of box - Game Boy Color:

    'Dis ain't no fishing game. The ultimate test of strategy pits worm vs. worm throughout 54 different landscapes for 1-2 players (on the same Game Boy Color). Ignite 14 special weapons, like the deadly fire punch, bouncy banana bombs, and super sheep, as you inch your way to victory. Devise wickedly ingenious strategies so that your army of worms can wipe THEIR army of worms right of the planet.

    Over-the-top action and an endless supply of multiplayer modes make Worms Armageddon the perfect strategy game.

    Contributed by Corn Popper (68945) on Sep 06, 2002.

Unknown Source:
    (MicroProse Website)

    The laughs never stop as you are thrown into an addictive, fast-pased battle of Worm versus Worm!

    What happens when you lead a team of heavily armed Worm into action? WORMS ARMAGEDDON! Use your creativity and skill in this hilarious action packed strategy game. Position your Worm, select one of 60 wacky weapons, aim, and fire! Watch out, because now you're a target!

    Exploding sheep, mad cows falling from the sky, mole bombs, detonating old ladies - this can mean only one thing. WORMS ARMAGEDDON!

    (Team17 Website)

    WORMS: Armageddon will see Worms as we know and love it going out with a bang. It enhances the original award-winning gameplay with barmy new weapons, game-enhancing new features and much improved multi- and single-player gaming modes. We have also set up WORMNET, a free worldwide IRC-style network to make playing online easier and more accessible.

    Martyn Brown, development director at Team17 informs, "Worms has such a cult following that even after Worms 2, more ideas and requests for a sequel just kept flooding in. We decided to let the original Worms concept go out all guns blazing with a final, totally over-the-top game incorporating everything that's ever been asked for and more."

    Contributed by Vincent Valentine (28) on Dec 30, 1999.

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