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Worms: Armageddon Credits

36 people


Lead CodeKarl Morton
Lead ArtDan Cartwright
Original ConceptAndy Davidson
Lead Support CodeColin Surridge
Support CodeRobert J. Hill, Martin Randall
Network CodePhil Carlisle
ProducerMartyn James Brown
Scenario ArtTony Senghore, Rico Holmes
Sound and MusicBjørn Arild Lynne
Additional AudioMatinee Studios, Martyn James Brown, Richie Palmer, Cris Blyth, Rico Holmes, Fraser Stewart, Michael Green
Additional ArtPaul Robinson, Cris Blyth, Rory McLeish, Jan Ruud
Assistant ProducerCraig Jones
Mission DesignPaul Dunstan, John Eggett, Martyn James Brown
Lead QAKelvin Aston, Mark Baldwin
QAJohn Eggett, Grant Towell, Andy Aveyard, Kevin Carthew, Paul Webb, Brian Fitzpatrick
QA ManagerPaul Field
LocalizationPaul Sharp

Hasbro Interactive

PresidentThomas Dusenberry
Product Maketing ManagerSteve Arthur
Director of Business DevelopmentJohn Sutyak
V.P. Research and DevelopmentTony Parks
V.P. of TechnologyRich Reily

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (68945) and Accatone (5314)

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