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Wulin Qunxia Zhuan Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Start a new game or continue a previous one?
Title screen
First city: Luo Yang. Hand drawn backgrounds.
Status screen. Yes, your character can be named whatever you want, including Moby Games (in Chinese).
You finally reach the Hero Statue in Luo Yang.
The buy/sell menu
Rock, paper, scissors mini-game!
The mysterious forest
You get to fish in the river.
You can pick up herbs.
You can hunt for some big games.
You can mine for ores in this very classic mini-game.
You get poisoned, so you're taken to this old man.
You can learn a few things or two about Go.
The other main mode of the game --- Simulation
Battle mode, Strategy RPG style. You don't get to fight your first battle for a long time.