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Special Edition
Written by  :  bb zz (2)
Written on  :  Apr 12, 2004
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
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The greatest turn based real time strategy of all time ... no bs

The Good

"x-com ufo enemy unknown" (the first title) is in one word ... awesome. if you are an rts (real time strategy) fan this game will rock you. dated it is though mind you it's vintage is its virtue. this game alone was as in depth as it got all those years back and is still as gigantic today as it was ever. (bbzing is still playing xcom games today) terror from the deep the sequel boasts cleaner graphics although still a rather dos looking kinda game and has an identical look to the 1st game graphics engine wise but with new graphics drawn for its theme. its even got a fmv(full motion video intro which had been cg rendered in a 3d app for it's intro lose outro and win outro (note ufo original has no fmv outro at the end of the game to see this u must buy the psx version of enemy unknown). and finaly apocalypse ... this game features a change in the style of play featuring real time point an click command and conquer style interface mode of play as oppose to the turn based approach. bear in mind u can revert to the original mode of play at any time during gameplay. many people slater the 3rd release ... even i did on its release as it was not as i expected it to be. the 3rd title will grow on the true die hard x-com fan for sure in time other will be left thinking what happened after terror from the deep. if u have bought ufo aftermath and liked it but know nothing of its predecessors then acquire this software by any means ... this is a must for you people. well worth the tenner it's priced up for

The Bad

unfortunately the pack does not feature the other x-com titles released like enforcer and interceptor ... although these titles are not very good by accounts of the masses, it would make this pack complete as far as the work Microprose has done over the years. still these are the official original x com games in one neat pack please believe me rts fans who know nothing of x-com this pack is a must and will give you over 100 hrs play on each app if u can play them to the bitter end (which i have) :D happy gaming folks p.s. if u order it an it's late (MAKE A FUSS ABOUT IT!)

The Bottom Line

classic to any die-hard rts fan