Written by  :  Yeah No (24)
Written on  :  Jul 15, 2001

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Don't expect too much, and this one will rock for quite a while.

The Good

Pure kill 'em all action. Cool weapons, great alien bashing malicious gameplay, a great points and upgrade purchasing system.

The Bad

Choppy animation, that professor's voice (shudder), no depth.... The objectives were often far to simple, pretty much only find the humans, destroy teleporters, kill boss. But at least it isnt the more irritating, find the button, find the key humus.

It does get pretty boring after a while, but for $20, what are you expecting?

Another thing, DON'T think that this reflects any of the X-COM strategy games, or you will be making a very dire mistake. This game is a little better then okay, but UFO defense, Terror from the Deep, and Apocalypse are godly.

The Bottom Line

If Serious Sam was Mindless, this game has down's syndome... But in a good way! Buy this game, and