In the game, the US Army has a denied operations base in Alaska, which is used for detaining and experimenting upon aliens, while using the presence of the Aurora Borealis to camouflage the flights of alien space vessels. The supposed longitude and latitude coordinates of the secret base are displayed on the screen on two occasions.

The base is obviously located on land, since you can see the outside and can walk around the inside, and after all, the troops that attack you are not floating in water wearing diving equipment. However, it is interesting that in reality, the specified coordinates are underwater, off of Dall Island in Alaska. In a recent census, Dall Island had a population of twenty people.

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This was the first game ever to be entered into the MobyGames database.

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This game is referenced in the Eiffel 65 song, "My Console".

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The Playstation version comes on 4 CD's and has degraded graphics compared to the PC version.

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