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X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Uncaged Edition Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Guess who's dead in a few seconds.
The loading screen provides insights into the lore as well as famous quotes.
Claws - check, Blood - check, Jungle - well...check.
Only pre-defined dead soldiers have dog tags worth 500xp.
In Wolf Sense mode stuff is highlighted and you see were you need to go next.
Killed enough enemies - time for a level up.
Right into the face.
Fighting air - the most dangerous enemy there is.
Find and collect these vintage wolverine suits and you'll get access to bonus challenges.
One of the many Quick Time Events
The very first boss
Fighting my brother.
The famous tank we've seen climpses of so many times (cutscene).
Out of the water into the blood bath
Sorry but this image isn't accessible for persons under 21 in the US.
Crawling in ventilation shafts switches to a first person view.
Wolverine in his classic suit, one of the many unlockable suits in the game.
The mounted guns sequences are everywhere!! In this case, for a terrible aim system, the sequence is horrible and frustrating
The levels are full of traps where you can put your enemies in
Raven have filled the game with a lot of details. As you can see the bones of Wolverine are grey and pretty shiny.