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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 4.3
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 4.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.7
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.9
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.7
Overall User Score (7 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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PGNx Media (May 16, 2006)
X-Men: The Official Game manages to fit in well after the second movie. The story provides some clues regarding the third movie and gives fans the ability to get the full story. The gameplay is solid thanks to the variety provided by the three main characters. The presentation promises to live up to the film, as well. If you can’t wait for X-Men: The Last Stand, the Official Game is as great a place as any to start.
GameZone (May 17, 2006)
While it’s not an incredibly innovative game, X-Men: The Official Game is certainly an extremely fun action game that not only spins a great tale but also does the mutant superheroes justice. Straying from the play-the-movie formula, this is a great tie-in to the upcoming movie and a true homage to the comic book so if you’re a fan of these kind of mutants you will certainly want to have this game on your PC.
Worth Playing (Jun 08, 2006)
Is X-Men: The Official Game "worth playing?" Yes. It's a good-looking, smooth-playing title that captures some of the mystique (ha-ha) of the comics and movies. Where it fails is in the limitations placed upon it: still-image cut scenes, level repetition, and only three heroes to play. I firmly believe that if this game hadn't been slated as a tie-in to the movie, and if Z-Axis had been allowed to go the distance with their development cycle, this would be the definitive X-Men interactive experience. Even with these limitations, however, I still recommend this title to fans of the franchise.
Game Chronicles (May 18, 2006)
X-Men: The Official Game is a curious title. I started off loving it but the Wolverine levels quickly sapped a significant portion of the overall fun from the title. Some of his levels are filled with ridiculous amounts of enemies, and even though the levels appear to have multiple stages or sections, there isn’t a checkpoint in sight. I love a challenge, but I hate mindless repetition.
GamingTrend (Jun 04, 2006)
X-Men 3 has a solid story and some fun elements to it but is so disproportionately difficult that it leads one to believe this, like the movie itself, was rushed out to meet a release date. I’m all for old-school tough as hell games (longtime Contra fan here) but not when it comes at the expense of fun. The Nightcrawler missions are a blast with only a minor exception here and there, Iceman is barely there until the end, and the Wolverine missions border on the ridiculous.
75 (Jun 03, 2006)
Les X-Men ont toujours été un peu en marge de l'univers de Marvel. Leur portage à l'écran est un succès. Succès qui entraîne bien entendu son cortège d'adaptations au monde du PC...
Playback (Aug, 2006)
Gra Nightcrawlerem zasługuje na czystą ósemką, Wolverinem, całkiem zgrabną siódemkę, zaś Icemanem, zaledwie szóstkę. Średnia, jak nie trudno policzyć - 7/10. Jeśli wizerunkami podopiecznych Profesora X tapetujesz sobie pokój, przeczytałeś więcej komiksów w tym miesiącu niż książek przez całe życie i marzysz tylko o tym, aby zginać łyżeczki siłą woli - The Official Game to gra dla ciebie!
69 (Jun 01, 2006)
Noch vor kurzem sah es so aus, als ob die großen Hollywood Studios die offiziellen Spiele zu ihren Blockbustern endlich etwas ernster nehmen würden. Die Herr der Ringe-Spiele, Riddick, Batman Begins oder King Kong haben gezeigt, dass es auch gute Lizenzumsetzungen geben kann. Doch nach dem durchwachsenden The DaVinci Code können auch die virtuellen Mutanten in X-Men III nicht wirklich überzeugen. Alles wirkt lieblos zusammengesetzt, sei es nun das langweilige Missionsdesign oder die Tatsache, dass nur drei der X-Men spielbar sind. Richtig Spaß machen eigentlich nur die Abschnitte als Nightcrawler, hier haben die Entwickler wohl etwas mehr Zeit für aufgewendet. Ansonsten benötigen nur wahre X-Men Fans das offizielle Spiel zum dritten Film, aufgrund der mauen Technik und der kurzen Spielzeit, die allerdings durch einen hohen, zuweilen unfairen Schwierigkeitsgrad verschleiert wird, verpassen Actionfans absolut nichts.
Rather than retell any previous X-Men film storyline, or ruin the upcoming film (though the game does contain some major spoilers if you haven't been prowling the net for details), X-Men: The Official Game features an original story penned by one of the third film's scribes, Chris Claremont. The game means to serve as a bridge between the two films which, as you will discover as you play through the storyline, only leads to some major disappointment.
Wham! gaming (Jun 06, 2006)
For the fans of the movies, and of the comic books on which the movies are based, you will likely enjoy the story in the game, particularly as a method of connecting the story of the second movie with the third. As for longevity and replayability it is fairly lacking, which is a pity given the excellent talents put into it.
PC Action (Jun 26, 2006)
Ich hatte von X-Men 3: The Official Game wesentlich mehr erwartet. Vor lauter Panik habe ich mir sogar im Vorfeld die Xbox-Version angesehen. Die ist von Z-Axis und spielt sich um einiges runder. Kein Hit, aber klar besser. Die PC-Version hingegen ist eine schlampige Konvertierung, die hinten und vorn unausgegoren wirkt. Dennoch gewinnen X-Men-Fans dem Titel mit Sicherheit etwas mehr ab. Mit knapp 30 Missionen und 15 Stunden Spielzeit gibt es genug Stoff rund um Vollbartträger Wolverine und seine Kollegen.
Cheat Code Central (May 24, 2006)
Everything considered, the gameplay, the graphics, the dialog, the music, make X-Men: The Official Game an officially average game. It could have been so much more and I'm not saying that because my expectations were high. I'm not an X-Men fanatic, I'm a videogame fanatic, and as such I just can't seem to get my claws into it.
PC Powerplay (Jun 28, 2006)
Den Fans der X-Men Reihe kann ich aufgrund der Story und Hintergrundinformationen grundsätzlich zum Kauf raten. Allerdings müssen sie sich die Infohäppchen hart verdienen, denn dem Spielfortschritt stellen sich Langeweile, ein happiger Schwierigkeitsgrad, Probleme mit Kamera und Steuerung sowie fehlende Speichermöglichkeiten in den Weg - das nervt. Wer solche Mängel als Lappalien empfindet und lieber einfach draufhaut statt Gegner mit anspruchsvollen Kombos zu bezwingen, kann einen Kauf erwägen. Ich kenne das X-Men-Universum zwar nur rudimentär, aber aus der Vorlage hätten die Entwickler mehr machen müssen. So bleibt der fase Beigeschmack der zusammengeschusterten Durchschnittsware mit Lizenz-Bonus für den schnellen Euro.
UOL Jogos (May 26, 2006)
"X-Men: The Official Game" soa como oportunidade perdida. A idéia de ter um controle diferente para cada personagem é boa, mas faltou desenvolver melhor cada um deles. Os fãs dos mutantes deverão gostar de controlar os heróis e ficar por dentro do que aconteceu entre o segundo e terceiro filmes. Para os outros jogadores, ao menos Noturno deverá agradar com seu estilo de combate "ninja", mas, no geral, deverá ser uma aventura rápida.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jun 23, 2006)
Helaas moest deze game de release van de nieuwe film halen, waardoor het een onafgewerkte indruk nalaat. X-treem jammer!
Game Vortex (Jun 08, 2006)
Ultimately, X-Men is an OK title with a few nice features, but isn't really worth the effort. If you feel you have to play it, rent one of the console versions.
GamingExcellence (Jul 19, 2006)
With Activision on another action game based on the X-Men license, one would hope for great things, almost ‘X’traordinary things. With a big name such as Marvel, backing up such a trademark such as X-Men, on a game entitled none other than “The Official Game”, one would hope for huge things. Well, don’t get your hopes up, it isn’t all that great, and far from ‘X’traordinary in several ways.
IGN (May 25, 2006)
"I hope the movie is better than this..." was one of the few key phrases that kept cycling through my head as I played along with Activision's terribly under-realized plot bridge, X-Men: The Official Game. It's the epitome of wasted potential and had me wondering aloud such other popular axioms as, "Man, this game is easy! Is that really the only thing my guy can do?" and "What's up with this dummy AI?"
Gooi X-Men: The Official Game met een gerust geweten op de berg waardeloze moviegames. Het spel dankt z'n bestaan enkel aan het succes van de films, en draagt niets, maar dan ook niets bij. Er zijn heel wat betere X-men games op de markt, zoals de excellente X-men Legends reeks van Activision.
PC Games (Germany) (Jun 26, 2006)
"Du kannst mit [sic] X-Men:The Official Game mit deinem USB-Gamepad spielen. Das steht im Handbuch. Ich möchte diesen Hinweis präzisieren, weil mir das Wohl der Leser am Herzen liegt: Vermeiden Sie unter allen Umständen eine Verwendung der Tastatur, es droht der Nervenzusammenbruch. Kein Mensch kann mit zwölf Tasten gleichzeitig hantieren und den Verstand behalten. Am allerbesten ist, Sie bleiben ganz fern von diesem Werk. Dann kriegen Sie nichts mit von der Abwesenheit interessanter Kombo-Angriffe, der Eintönigkeit der Levels, der Grafik von vorgestern. Die wirre Story geht so oder so an Ihnen vorbei. X-Men ist kein wirklich schlechtes Spiel, es ist nur fürchterlich substanzlos und langweilig. Wie die meisten Lizenzspiele eben, die kurzfristig als Begleitung zum Film gebraucht werden. Schauen Sie lieber den an.
GameSpot (May 18, 2006)
The lousy movie-licensed game genre claims another victim in X-Men: The Official Game. Based loosely in-between the stories of the second and third films in the X-Men franchise, X-Men is a completely unremarkable beat-'em-up (with a few boilerplate shooter elements tossed into the mix) that feels just haphazard enough to likely have been rushed through development to get it onto store shelves ahead of the film. It's not that it's entirely broken, mind you, but X-Men's missions are entirely generic and devoid of captivating content, and there are enough annoying little glitches and other obnoxious things prevalent throughout to give the game that thrown-together feel.
Next Level Gaming (May 23, 2006)
Activision knows we are fans of their games. That's what makes reviewing a game like this even harder to do sometimes. So much expectation from two previous great X-Men titles turns into a game in X-Men: The Official Game that I simply won't really play anymore. In fact, the game I'm looking for now becomes Marvel Ultimate Alliance (which we will have a preview of for you coming up) because that is the gameplay I was looking for here. X-Men: TOG just doesn't have the same appeal or power that the Legends series did. Only controlling three characters, no multiplayer of any kind, and reverting to basically a 3rd-person "beat 'em up" is not the way to take this franchise. You can rent it for a weekend if you want a quick fix before going out to see the movie. But I don't think it will last very long in your console/PC.
eToychest (May 28, 2006)
Any game based upon Marvel's X-Men, movie or not, has enough source material behind it to make for a truly compelling experience – something that cannot be said about Activsion's X-Men: The Official Game. Billed as a bridge between the second and third X-Men films, X-Men is a clumsy, repetitive beat-'em-up that was obviously rushed to store shelves as a mindless cash grab in order to ride the wave of hype surrounding the release of another summer action blockbuster.
54 (Jun 21, 2006)
X-Men III merkt man an, dass es unter Zeitdruck entwickelt wurde, um ja rechtzeitig zum Kinostart des dritten X-Men-Films in den Verkaufsregalen zu stehen. Der Umfang ist dürftig, eine Lokalisierung hat man sich komplett gespart und die Präsentation hätte mit ihren primitiven Standbildsequenzen kaum mickriger und liebloser ausfallen können. Die Story ist zudem völlig belanglos, die Technik unspektakulär, die Kameraführung holprig, das Leveldesign einfallslos und der Schwierigkeitsgrad unausgewogen. Zwar bekommt ihr durch den Charakterwechsel zwischen Wolverine, Iceman und Nightcrawler drei sehr unterschiedliche Spielerlebnisse geboten, aber das stupide Massenmetzeln mit Klingenmeister Logan im Dynasty Warriors-Stil ödet schon nach kurzer Zeit an, während Bobby Drakes unterkühlte Flugeinlagen lahm und antiquiert wirken. Lediglich die an Prince of Persia angelehnten Schleichabschnitte mit Schattenakrobat Kurt Wagner retten den plumpen Action-Mix vor der völligen Bedeutungslosigkeit.
Nothing could top the two X-Men movies in terms of sticking to the theme of the comics with alienation and racism. Now with the third movie, there’s an official game to accompany its release. With X-Men: The Official Game, I had become overly hyped for the game and the movie. Sadly, Fox and Activision have both let me down in terms of quality.
GameStar (Germany) (May, 2006)
In den Kämpfen geht schnell die Übersicht flöten, da Sie (außer mit Nightcrawler) die Kamera nicht frei drehen dürfen. Auch technisch bleibt XMen 3 durch schwammige Texturen und hakelige Animationen hinter der aktuellen Genrekonkurrenz. Darum: Wer mit Mutanten kämpfen will, sollte zum deutlich besseren X-Men Legends 2 greifen.
AceGamez (May 31, 2006)
X-Men: The Official Game is a terrible waste of a usually excellent license. Rather than create excitement for the new film, it actually makes me fear what a non-Singer directed X-Men movie may be like. Both story and game are horrible to behold, meaning that there is very little here to recommend. It's sad to say, but after playing this I spent a good few hours playing Wolverine's Revenge and having more fun in the process - and that game is over three years old! All we can really hope is that when the next X-Men action title comes along, all the mistakes made in this one are learned from, rather than repeated.
1UP (May 26, 2006)
As with many games based on comic book source material, if you have certain predilection for the characters or their stories, the ability to play them in virtual form can help to disguise a lacking game experience. X-Men: The Official Game certainly does its part to appease fans, with a story by the legendary Marvel Comics writer Chris Claremont (adapted by X-Men: The Last Stand co-writer Zak Penn) that takes place between the second and third X-Men movies, voice work by some of the stars of X-Men films (such as Patrick Stewart, Alan Cumming, and Hugh Jackman), and gameplay that has you battling such enemies as Pyro, Lady Deathstrike, and Sabertooth. It's enough to make any X-men fan want to give this one a playthrough -- but likely no one else.
45 (May 23, 2006)
Dire que la déception est au rendez-vous tient de l'euphémisme tant on attendait l'adaptation vidéoludique d'un des plus gros blockbusters de l'année. Le résultat est sans appel : X-Men : Le Jeu Officiel est un titre bancal à la difficulté fluctuante et proposant des scènes d'action dont la nonchalance est proportionnelle à la redondance qui s'installe à mesure qu'on progresse. Le sénateur Robert Kelly aurait apprécié.
Glide Underground (Jul 17, 2006)
Last time, Activision's movie tie-in title focused entirely on Wolverine, exploring his past and present and dropping in plenty of enemies for him to fight, as well as stealth-based missions. This time around, Activision expanded their roster slightly, but forgot to make a decent game in which to put their characters. The result doesn't impress.
Video Game Generation (Sep 23, 2006)
Superhero games have historically been horrible. For every good one, there seems to be at least 10 horrible ones littering the marketplace. Movie tie-in games have also experienced some of the worst titles ever created, and this mold is rarely broken. X-Men: The Official Game flawlessly meshes in the worst stereotypes of superhero games with the horrendous nature of movie tie-in games. The game is horrible, and it simply has no selling points. It isn’t like the X-Men franchise is that hard to put into games either. The recent X-Men Legends games have been amazing, and they flawlessly capture the feel of the X-Men universe. This game simply falls on its face and can only be described with a “not another movie game” moniker. As a fan of X-Men, a reviewer, and a gamer, I simply cannot recommend this game to anyone.
Pro-G (May 31, 2006)
There really is very little to like in X-Men: The Official Game. The idea of giving the player three fairly unique characters to play as is good one, but the game design verges on plain stupid at times. There's no real variety to the tasks you need to carry out as the three characters, and the story is told so poorly that it'll make little sense even if you've seen the movies that surround it. With movie licensed video game reviews there's usually a little caveat which states that you must be a big fan of the movie before thinking about buying the game. In X-Men: The Official Game's case, I can't think of any reason at all for giving it a look.
Jolt (UK) (Jun 16, 2006)
What could have been a decent mixture of fighting, Prince of Persia-style puzzling, and hover-boarding, has instead turned out to be an obviously rushed and wasted opportunity to entertainingly enlighten fans as to the events between movie instalments two and three. The only element of minor interest there is a hastily cobbled together excuse for Nightcrawler not being in the third film which is actually less interesting than the real reason (a mixture of him moaning about the lengthy make-up process and the fact that it would only have been a minor part). As it is, X-Men: The Official Game is “officially” a horse’s turd of an experience that’s approximately as painful as Wolverine’s claws inadvertently sliding out while he’s wiping his arse.