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X³: Reunion Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Loading splash screen
Starting a new game.
View of a gate. It's targeted so it also appears in the target view window I have open at the top-right. Note that everything surrounded by a box may be clicked on to target it.
Showing off the Interactive Assistance System, that gives context sensitive advice. It can be turned off at any time.
External view of my ship firing some blasts off into space
Following the green docking lights
Docked and trading. Note I can't buy the 10GJ shield as I need a relation with the Argon of at least "AF Guardian", and I'm only a lowly citizen. Also, I can't afford it. And it won't fit in my ship.
Deciding to prey on a civilian ship, I get a few lucky shots, and you can see it's shield flaring up. In the top-right is the ship's captain, deciding not to surrender.
The orangey blobs are the remanents of the civilian ship I blew up. Behind it, surrounded by red (indicating hostile) is a police ship, who didn't like me shooting up the innocent ship.
The police get a few well placed shots in while I'm trying to take screenshots. Evil.
After a barrage of beam fire and a couple of missiles, my ship exploded, taking me with it.
You can select to play as an explorer, merchant or pirate with storyline disabled if you wish.
The pride of the Argon fleet is back in X3...
Mission briefing. The Khaak are back.
A nice rear view of the Argon Buster.
Space and ship models are very impressive. Characters are not...
Rain death at skirmish mode with a powerful ship!
That's what I want enemies to look like!
A really large solar collector space station
The textures can stand the closeup test as this example of the solar collector shows.
Docking sequence. Some space stations look really weird but also impressive at the same time.