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X²: The Threat Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
The star effects are quite nice
Docking at a station
One of the many things you can do at stations is to trade
Meet Miss Kho... This is her "standard uniform."
A look at your personal information. As you can see, you can add your own images for your pilot
An underwater civilization
Here is one of the personnel transports available in the game
If you get lost, ask for directions from nearby ships and bases... or just tell them to surrender!
Amazing graphics are everywhere in this game
Taking a trip through a gate to another sector
Planets vary greatly in the game allowing for a nice variety in things to see
This is the M5 ship which is the first ship you get and will be used to help you build your fleet
A closeup view of a sun
Another sector with great graphics... just watch out for the pirates who have a base here
Battling your enemies can be difficult depending how many ships there are
Out for a space-walk
Doing Business with the big boys uptown...
...and their shadier counterparts.
"Space Weed"...heh heh heh...
Some missions require you to meet certain requirements before you can take them, such as not being completely stoned as in this case
Damn... the truth really was out there!
Pulp Fiction 2: The Final Frontier
Yet another beautiful space shot from X2
Entering a wheat farm station
Walking down the city streets
One of the many quotes you see at the start of the game
Wanted: Delivery Boy
Interesting shape for a refinery