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Xenocracy Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
The main mission interface -- pretty, isn't it?
The Situation Report; red exclamation points indicate conflicts in which you can intervene.
Choosing a mission to support a strike against one of Neptune's moon.
Managing research.
Mission briefing: helping the Mars Commune seize a mine.
Selecting your fighter ship; the ships in Xenocracy are certainly unique.
Arming your fighter. Nothing like a sensor pack -- that's what I always say.
Selecting your pilot and wingman; each has his own skill levels.
Customizing the HUD (heads-up display).
Going head-to-head with two oncoming enemy fighters.
Taking out an enemy freighter.
The in-mission map.
Giving orders to your wingman during a mission.
Checking your ship systems status; this bird's in perfect condition!
A missile streaks toward its target over a mining colony.
Dogfighting above the cloud cover of that same colony.
Finishing off a crippled troop ship on its way to invade our mining colony.
Success! End-of-mission statistics.
After-mission report; though Venus appreciates our help, Earth Dominion is a miffed.
Another atmospheric mission.
Firing at an enemy Lightning fighter.
Splash! Another confirmed kill!
Checking out the latest breaking news stories.
Political and scientific data on Saturn's moon Dione.
Xenocracy provides a colorful but quick history of the solar system.
Intelligence data on enemy ground vehicles.
And, of course, data on weapons available to you.