Xianjian Qixia Zhuan 3 Waizhuan: Wen Qing Pian Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Wandering through wilderness
Exploring the nature
Battle! Show those pesky monsters!
Mountain pass with waterfall
Arrived in a huge town
Mysterious room
Girls & boys, ready to fight!
You can view the series' history here
Intro: Yin and Yang
Intro: some very impressive pre-rendered cinematics
Your home town
Character screen
Setting up the party
Interesting conversation...
Market square
In the rooms, you can't rotate the camera
On the beach
Sit down and eat something!
The little map in the corner surely comes in handy
Cut scene
What's the matter, never saw sexy Chinese girls before?!
Buying stuff
The battles begin with this dramatic introduction
Life is short...
Arriving at a beautiful town with lotus pond. There is a blur effect that makes the graphics look better than in the previous game
Nice fire animation in this dungeon. Note the monster ahead
In this game you can travel over the world map very early
Bye-bye, blackbird! Wen Hui is performing one of her special attacks
You'll travel to interesting locations and encounter some weird guys
Maze-like dungeons are not uncommon in the game, like this two-level one. But the automap helps a lot
The Shu mountain doesn't look good... just look at the trees and the color of the sky... what's going on?
Seeing the exit is not enough; more often than not, you'll have to work your way through tricky passages to reach it
Wang Pengru might be a fragile girl, and her spells don't look so mighty, but they do lots of damage all right!
Xingxuan has repaired the bridge, now it's safe to cross
Casting the most powerful, hit-all fire spell
Sword techniques also work well
One of the many dramatic cut-scenes of the game
This is one of the most complex dungeons in the game, with huge trees and multiple levels
This weapon can deal damage to two enemies in vertical row
One of those claustrophobic, complex dungeons, which look so great in 3D