Xuanyuan Jian 3 Waizhuan: Tian zhi Hen Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
The boy with the Xuanyuan sword
Special attack!
Beautiful scenery!
Talking to your master
The story of the ten artifacts
On the world map
In a village
Entering a private house
Battle menu
Hmm, what does this innkeeper want from me?..
Lovely girls are an important feature of Chinese RPGs
Weapons, weapons...
Classic cave dungeon
Hello, monster!
Plants, plants...
Monsters can also fight back, you know...
Listen well, my boy!
Cool item menu
Character menu
What a nice view! Good time for a leisurely stroll. Pity we are so busy with saving the world and all...
Zhang Lie looks really intimidating in battles
Like most other classic Chinese girls from good families, Yuer can play a musical instrument
The emperor is amusing himself with pretty girls
Want to see an Earth spell? THIS is an Earth spell!
Some locations in the game are beautiful in a sad, melancholic way
Mini-game: shoot arrows to kill the three birds
Bad guys on top of the Qin Mountain
In the World Beyond the Sky, even the shops in the village look beautifully weird
Recognize this place? No? Come on! This is where Nicole lived in the previous game, Xuanyuan Jian 3: Yun he Shan de Biduan
Sinister passages of the palace...
This place is... weird
What a majestic architecture
The battle animations are fluid and a joy to look at
It's snow time! You have no chance, pesky monsters!
Yuer is alone at night. What is she thinking of?
The dreamy world has an absolutely unique graphical style
A boss battle. Xiaoxue is casting a spell