Xuanyuan Jian 4: Hei Long Wu xi Yun Fei Yang Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Approaching a gate
In the town center
Pre-rendered intro
This isn't a good time for China...
Some impressive cut scenes
Starting location
Character information
Battle with mountains background
Battle command menu
Winning animation
World map
Leveling up
Overview map
Those three dragons have seen a better time...
When you get monsters, this is the screen to look at
Nice floors!
Save point in a dungeon
This face looks familiar... Xuanyuan Jian 2 Waizhuan, anyone?
Summoned monsters are a great help in battles
At a certain point, you'll be in a control of a... moving house! (*gasp*)
The entrance to Ji Peng's palace. So much respect for a silly old bird :-)
In dungeons you'll often encounter interesting examples of Chinese art
Explore the underwater world of China as it was 2200 years ago!
The king of the Water Nation. Between you and me, I think he looks silly...
A beautiful location with waterfall and lake
The secret technique of the great Mo Zi is being preserved here. Check out the mechanical parts and the drawings
The capital of Qin kingdom is really big. Talk about heavily populated Chinese cities...
Shuijing looks small and scared in front of the sinister Qin Shihuang's hideout. It's a real comfort to know the bastard is dead by now, and has only his Terracotta Soldiers to protect him!
Well, I hate to state the obvious, but I think the Demon King isn't particularly happy to see us... what with us trying to kill him for experience and money, anyway...
The achievements of Chinese science. After paper, printing, gunpowder, and compass, a flying pagoda is really not that astounding...
We descend into the mountain lake
A battle between our flying pagoda and one of the golden giants (a woman, in this case). We deal enormous amounts of damage to each other
With the save point as my only friend, no wonder I feel lonely in this strange dungeon