Xuanyuan Jian Waizhuan: Cang zhi Tao Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Here, piggy!
In a forest
Impressive view...
English sub-titles?..
The light ray falls on Che Yun...
Character information screen
Weapon shop
Buying weapons
World map
The guards won't let you pass
Monster overview
Some areas don't allow you to rotate the camera
Zooming during a dialogue
Rotate the camera to see some great views
City gate
Monster stats
Pre-rendered cut-scenes are not uncommon. This one shows the revival of a complex mechanical protection system in an underground temple
Battle screen. You can see the turns of the participants above
Standard battle menu. In this game, you can take your time and browse safely through the many technique options
Uh-oh. This underground system is very big, while Che Yun is very small...
Entrance to a mysterious temple
Go, Yunhu! Isn't he cute? :-)
Jin people really look different... and their houses do, too
The snowy mountain path is blocked by this energy field
Road, river, and loneliness...
Some of the more advanced techniques are shown as pre-rendered animations! You'll want to use those techniques just for the eye candy
Note the detailed character animation: Che Yun talks about something big, and her gestures are very fitting
Such awe-inspiring locations are not uncommon in this game
Some enemy attacks are shown in dynamic close-up
Somewhere... over the rainbow...
Later in the game, you'll have to face some very impressive creatures
Ying Shi is executing one of her deadly attacks. As you will learn from the story, it's better to be friends with this girl...
Some locations in this game simply ooze atmosphere
During your adventure, you'll encounter some simple animals... like this elephant
Heng Yuan Zhi is a powerful magic user
In a really desperate mood, preparing to do a most desperate act... and the place is fitting
One of the decisive boss battles. Can your party withstand the attacks?