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Yoho ahoy Credits

33 people (29 developers, 4 thanks)


Voice ArtistsJoss Cape, Shelly Wain, Mole Hill, Mark Slater, Simi Mougne, Julian Roberts
Music and SoundJohn Tackley


Development ManagerAndy Russell
Commissioning EditorSally Fraser
Reversioning EditorLena Strand
Technical ManagerJohn Wilson
Testing ManagerArchana Sharma
Production ManagerFelicity Buddell
Senior Rights & Acquisitions ExecutiveVicky Shepherd
Rights & Acquisitions ManagerSian Teasdale
Business Development ManagerSelia Bellanca
Head of MarketingStuart Francis

Absolute Studios

3D AritstsGoran Backman, Alan Caleb, Craig Gardiner, Alex Ronald, Robert Thomson
2D ArtistHelen Gilmour
Lead ProgrammerChristopher Caleb
Additional ProgrammingFraser MacDonald, i.z.b.
Internal Q.A.Mary Robertson
Art DirectorDonnie Anderson
ProducerBobby Farmer
With Special Thanks toTheresa Plummer-Andrews (BBC), Mark Slater (COG Ltd), Julian Roberts (COG Ltd), Mole Hill (COG Ltd)

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Credits for this game were contributed by piltdown_man (181957)