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Yoho ahoy Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The title screen
Everything about this game, apart from the manual which is meant for adults, uses big, bright, simple shapes and friendly colours
The good ship Yoho and the main menu
The Game Selection screen
The wheel (lower left) exits the game, the duck (lower right) brings up a help screen - see next screenshot
The general help screen for the whole game
The load screen is standard apart from the name which changes with each game
All games start with a short animation, this is from the game 'Paint with Booty'. The flamingo is also part of the crew
Look with Bilge: The player looks through Bilge's telescope and uses the mouse to move it around. When they see a Yoho, here Bilge sees himself in a mirror, they click to select
Look with Bilge: Here the player has used the telescope to select Jones. The icons on the right lead to four short animated sequences featuring this character one of which is being played here
Look with Bilge: This is the in-game help for the game. All games have their own screen like this
Mops with Poop: The cat has spilled Poop's bucket of dirty water. The mouse cursor has become a water drop, clicking on a spot puts clean water there and Poop skates towards it
Bubbles with Cutlass: As Poop snores he blows bubbles which Cutlass pops with a pea shooter. The cursor changes colour when it is on target
Toot with Swab: The music game. Clicking on a bottle makes the pirate blow on his bottle to make a note. Booty meanwhile is playing what sounds like a harpsichord
Chairs with Grog: The player picks a character and watches it as it dances around the chairs with other crew members. When the music stops the player clicks as fast as they can on the chairs
Paint with Booty: The player places objects and characters onto the screen. Characters can be used full on or in profile. The camera button animates the characters
Boing with Jones: Here the player uses the mouse to control the height and direction of the jump
The game has a full manual. This opens in a browser window, defaulting to full screen size, and is accessed via the main menu