Written by  :  Chris Martin (1204)
Written on  :  Apr 30, 2000
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Hilarious game...

The Good

YDKJ in all its incarnations have 2 things in common. Great multiplayer gaming, and crude humor.

The game, basically, is trivia. But in the the case of Volume 2, it's Trivia Plus. The game consist of either 7 or 21 questions, and you can play solo (although it's real boring) but it's best when played with 3 players crammed around your keyboard (remember playing Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune on your 286? Same idea here).

Question in the first round are $1000 -$5000 and the value in Round 2 are $2000-$10000, so there is a lot of fake money at stake here. The Questions are... well they are tough to describe. For instance... here is a question taken off the back of the CD case.

If sitcoms were single-celled organisms, the process of creating a spinoff would be called what?

1- peristalsis 2 - mitosis 3 - celedivesis or 4 - cloning

So you see where the game is going. There are other typed of questions like the Gibberish Question (try to figure out what this rhyme sounds like), Dis or Dat (Here's one from the game: Is Puccini a Pasta or Opera Composer?), Picture Questions, and Celebrity Collect Calls.

Run through the game and at the end you have the Jack Attack. Names fly on the screen and you have to match it with other words on the screen. It's fun and really frustrating.

The graphics are cool. Very bright and well thought out.

The sound is amazing. They fit the audio for all 800 questions in the game, along with all the extra sound for the game's startup, ending, and the extra stuff in between questions... all on a single CD. That's about as tight as code can get (I'm only guessing though)

Game play... addictive. You'll know what I mean when you play.

The Bad

The only thing I didn't like about this game was the number of questions. 800 seems like a lot, but if you play through it a few times, you'll get repeats. I gues that's why they've made Movies, TV, Sports, 1, 2, 3, The Ride and Offline. :)

The Bottom Line

A fantasic party game for adults only.

Puccini is an Opera Composer, just in case you wanted to know. :)