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Ys: Origin Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Character selection
Title screen
From the intro: Yunika makes a discovery
The tree speaks to Yugo
When you learn something new you will see these kind of instructions
Chatting with an NPC
The door is locked
That doesn't look good and it's dragging me in
A save point, here you can also buy upgrades
Pressing that button will probably open a door or something
I thought I asked for a room with ocean view
Epona, a cut but deadly girl stands in my way
Haven't found much equipment yet
My inventory
When wearing the mask you'll see the world in grey and you may discover secrets
Fond a new pair of boots in a chest
Darn! It's a trap
The first of the big bosses
Nice scenery and an impressive engineering feat
Time for a leap of faith; one of many
That's a big tree and an even bigger tower
Yunika is surrounded
Killing that red enemy will make the chest accessible
Nice visual effects
A level with molten lava
You may teleport to every level you visited so far
Yugo is possessed
What is such a cute animal doing in an evil place like this
Every new area has it's own name
Some one is waiting for me
Character selection for time-attack. You can only select characters that have completed the game
Time attack standings