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Yuki Hotaru Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Here you can view the CGs of the game...
...and here, replay the seduction scenes
The game also has a few pre-rendered movies you can view at any time
The game begins in the train car
Pre-rendered intro appears after you have arrived at your hometown
The movie introduces all the female characters...
...sometimes with characteristic goofy gestures
Look at this beauty!
She was traveling with you on the train, and now she sees her town again
Of course, an adult game must have cute animals, right?
The traditional tomboyish character
Aaahh, it's good to breathe some fresh air!
Your neighborhood
Can I get a better view?
This one looks like a serious character... and not a child, like the others
Let's go shopping!
The field at night
Sometimes, you'll have to make a decision
She seems more relaxed now
The seduction scene begins...
You literally unbotton her clothes by dragging the mouse in the right direction
Use hand or tongue icon to interact with the girl
And now, MOVE!
First girl is "complete"
There is something very peaceful in the images of this game
Ouch, don't stand so close!
A new character arrives
beautiful nature scene
The water here is animated
You use the moment
This one is even more of a child than the previous one. For Lolita-obsessed guys only
You can do some moderately nasty stuff
How do I even begin undressing her?!..
Oh wow, that's what I've been waiting for!
Rotate the camera to get some interesting views
Need a massage?