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Amy's 18th birthday set in motion the start of a series of adventures. An unknown stranger enters her London house, leaving behind a curious casket in her attic. In it, she discovers a magical rune that teleports her to a magical land created by fairies: Zanzarah. In Zanzarah, the unknown stranger reveals himself a goblin. The goblin requests help from Amy, who he believes is the prophesied Fairy Master whose duty it is to save Zanzarah, as the land is now ravaged by wild fairies, pixies, and shadow elves. Amy, now a stranger in a strange land with the help and advise from the local elves, dwarves, owls, and goblins, must attempt to become a Fairy Master by obtaining and training fairies, dueling and defeating wild fairies and their masters along the way. To ultimately fulfill her destiny to save Zanzarah!

In Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal, play the role of Amy and help her become a Fairy Master. To do this, the player must obtain and train a fairy. With the help of the local inhabitants of Zanzarah, Amy will explore the land in third-person perspective in search for different types of fairies to defeat and capture, while helping the people of Zanzarah along the way.

Fairy Combat
When Amy obtains her first fairy, she will have to train it and make it stronger to face the various wild fairies that constantly attack travelers. Fairy combat, which may be considered the primary gameplay element of this game, either occurs when Amy is attacked by a wild fairy or enters into a duel with when challenged by other Fairy Masters. Combat occurs is first-person perspective, where the player directly controls the movement of a selected fairy. In combat, the fairy may fly (jump) and attack with spells. When a fairy is weakened enough and the player obtains a magical sphere, the player may opt to capture the fairy. Depending on the element of a fairy, some fairies may be stronger or weaker when facing an opposing element. For example, a Water fairy will sustain additional damage and suffer less damage from Fire fairies, but are weaker when facing of Air fairies.

Winning an encounter or duel may randomly reward the player with fairy coins (used to purchase various beneficial items) or a dropped item. Fairies that have entered and survived combat will also gain experience and may level up, obtaining new spell levels as well as stronger attributes. A player may only carry five fairies at a time, all of which may be summoned and switched at will during combat. Additional captured or obtained fairies will be sent to Amy's London house.

Fairy Character Sheet
Role-playing character development only occurs with fairies. Fairies have several attributes such as Hit Points, Mana Points, Jump Ability, etc. Fairies attack in combat using spells. Spells come in two variations: offensive spells and passive spells. Offensive spells are used to attack the opponent while passive spells are automatically active. Spells may be purchased and equipped to fairies. As fairies come in different types and elements, only specific spells may be assigned to a specific type of fairy. For example, nature spells may only be used by Nature Fairies. Additionally, fairies have spells levels and will have to gain experience in order to equip more powerful spells.

In total, there are 77 fairies the player may capture and level-up, consisting of the following elemental types: Air, Water, Fire, Stone, Energy, Psi, Chaos, Metal, Darkness, and Light. Additionally, certain fairies when reaching a particular level may evolve to a stronger type of fairy if the player wishes to do so. Other fairies may evolve to a stronger type of fairy by combining the fairy with specific items.


Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal Windows The Enchanted Forest
Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal Windows Main menu
Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal Windows My fairy has no powers and will soon be decimated.
Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal Windows Intro movie, Amy hears a noise.

Alternate Titles

  • "赞扎克: 隐藏之门" -- Chinese spelling (simplified)
  • "Zanzarah: В поисках затерянной страны" -- Russian spelling
  • "Zanzarah: La légende des deux mondes " -- French title
  • "Zanzarah: Das Verborgene Portal" -- German title

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Critic Reviews

PGNx Media Jul 02, 2003 9.2 out of 10 92
Gamesmania.de Jun 10, 2002 89 out of 100 89
Just RPG Feb 27, 2003 B+ 83
GameSpot Jan 08, 2003 7.6 out of 10 76
Worth Playing Dec 03, 2002 7.5 out of 10 75
PC Games (Germany) May 14, 2002 74 out of 100 74
Jeuxvideo.com Jun 18, 2002 14 out of 20 70
Joystick (French) Jul, 2002 66 out of 100 66
JeuxVideoPC.com Mar 22, 2006 10 out of 20 50
Svenska PC Gamer Aug, 2002 40 out of 100 40


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Shortly after the game was released in Germany, an expansion pack was announced, and even some music made for it. The idea was dropped after Zanzarah sold very poorly all over the world.

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