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Zelenhgorm: Episode I: Land of the Blue Moon Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu - first screen that loads
Scene from Arrikk's dream
Title Screen reveals itself during the introductory movie
The people are quick to accuse Arrikk - simply because he's left-handed!
All sorts of things can be gleaned by eavesdropping!
An example of combining inventory items. Place the glass on the cover to open it.
The journal contains picture clues only
The ship docked at the edge of Arrikk's garden
Don't aggravate the guards or you could end up in "the stocks"
Close-up of Arrikk during his trial
The Council Elders argue about Arrikk's fate
Diving for pearls. Longer than 45 seconds and you'll drown!
A magnificent view
Spend your pearls at the local market
One of the vendors in the market
She's wearing the traditional hat. Strange indeed!
This statue holds an important clue.
Walkway to the Council house
Grandmother is one of the only friendly ones.
An enchanting map is found!
Click the crystal on the symbol and watch!
Steal a uniform and change clothes to fool the guards
Finally inside the ship!
The boatman will take you to places unknown - if 1) you don't irritate him and 2) if you have a map
Aboard the raft
Will it really?