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Zeno Clash Credits

47 people (33 developers, 14 thanks)


Art DirectionEdmundo Bordeu
Lead DesignAndrés Bordeu, Carlos Bordeu
ProgrammingDavid Caloguerea
AnimationGabriel García
Level DesignJuan Briones, Andrés Bordeu, Carlos Bordeu, Edmundo Bordeu
ArtAndrés Bordeu, Carlos Bordeu, Edmundo Bordeu, Jose Tomas Morande
Zeno Clash Story byEdmundo Bordeu
MusicPatricio Meneses
SoundAntonio Domínguez, Andrés Bordeu, Carlos Bordeu
Additional AnimationCarlos Bordeu
VoicesEric Gusky, Carmen Bordeu, Fernan Gonzalez, Wendy Brown, Esme O'Kelly, Antonio Domínguez, Edmundo Bordeu, Andrés Bordeu, Juan Briones
TestersArmin Cifuentes, Emilio Castro, Manuel Merino, Maximiliano Arriagada, Guillermo Gonzalez, Cristian Ortiz, Mario Appelius, Joaquin Soler
Very Special Thanks toAlejandro Caloguerea, Carmen Celedon, Edmundo Bordeu Schwarze, Juan Pablo Lastra, Pedro Macedo de Oliveira Camacho, Daniel Astudillo, Pamela Meneses, Amalia Castro, Bruno Camousseigt Montolivo, *VeLeRoN*, Burton Johnsey, Jason Holtman, Doug Lombardi, Robin Walker

Iceberg Interactive

CEOErik Schreuder
Retail Sales DirectorHoward Newmark
General Manager Germany, Austria, SwitzerlandAndreas Litke
Senior Development ManagerRaymond Snippe
Junior Product ManagerKimara Rouwit
Art DirectorMichael van Zijl
Assistent for PrintGeo Graffelman, Melissa Meeuwsen
Junior PR-ManagerAngelique Houtveen
PR AssistentSamantha Lie Kwie, Desiree Van Rietschoten
Marketing AssistantSamantha Lie Kwie, Desiree Van Rietschoten

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