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Zero Zone Credits

96 people (80 developers, 16 thanks)

R&P Electronic Media

Project ManagerRobert de Wit
Marketing ManagerPeter de Wit
CoordinatorLilian Hogenstijn
Text Dutch VersionR&P Electronic Media
SalesRichard Gerritsen
TestersRon Warlich, Leo Bloem, Guido Combee
DirectorBob de Graaff
ActorsFrans van Deursen, Isa Hoes, Plien van Bennekom, Marloes van Den Heuvel, Hans Boskamp, Barbara Dicker
Sound, Digitalisation and MixingMetasound
PackagingColor Creation

Cryo Interactive

Original ConceptPhilippe Ulrich
Project ManagerLaurent Baziet
Lead ProgrammerPhilippe Aubessard
ProgrammersVincent Beauvois, Olivier Carado, Olivier Robin, Éric Safar, Michel Salvado
OMNI 3D & Video CompressionPascal Urro
Sound CompressionPhilippe Aubessard
Script & DialoguesSamantha Mazéras
Lead Computergraphics DesignersPhilippe Arbogast, Laurent Baziet, Olivier Cauwet, Frédéric Charriére, Sébastien Cravoisier, Bertrand Israël, Philippe Magnin-Robert, Yann Uhart, Sidonie Weber, Hiroji Yoshida
Computergraphics DesignersPhilippe Aubessard, Alexandre Aurifeill, David Bercier, Thierry Carado, Oswald Chard, Christophe Ferrier, Christian Farcy, Stéphane Merlet, Stéphane Morali, Fabrice Morisset, Georges Nicol, Julien Roche, Gédéon Rudrauf, Sohor Ty
2D DesignStéphane Paitreau
Game DesignDavid Levy, Virginie Sanchez
StoryboardJean-Charles Ripoll
Technical SupportKevin Team
Computer MaintenancePhilippe Bitoun
Computer Network ManagerGiovanni Mazza
Test ManagerJean-Luc Hadi
TestersChristophe Minh, Minh Nhat Nguyen
Production ManagersJean-Martial Lefranc, Serge Lellouch, Eric Mallet, Laurent Paigné
Production Follow-throughLaurent Baudet, Joëlle Bonin
ThanksChristophe Bourges, Laurence, Lili la Tigresse, Frank Picard, Johan K. Robson, Laurent Salou, Christelle Salou, Nathalie Segean, The whole team of Cryo's Post-production
Special ThanksFanny Caamano, Renaud Desportes, Patrick Giordano, Michel Janecki, Ned, Ness, David Rozeman

Knockin' Boots Productions

Original MusicDimitri Bodiansky, Nicholas Varley
GuitarAntoine Poyeton
SingerDoug Rang
ChoirGay Marshall
Sound EffectsRémi Alexandre, Syleast


Project ManagerPierre Dumas
Test ManagerPascal Bertin
TestersNathalie Baule, Daniel Francisco, Christian Jorge, Xavier Le Bozec, Christine Pincemaille
Text Final CheckPascale Huby

Other Games

In addition to this game, the following people are listed as working on other games. No more than 25 people are listed here, even if there are more than 25 people who have also worked on other games.

Olivier Robin, 247 other games
Philippe Ulrich, 62 other games
Jean-Martial Lefranc, 57 other games
Jean-Luc Hadi, 55 other games
Eric Mallet, 34 other games
Philippe Aubessard, 31 other games
Sohor Ty, 26 other games
Johan K. Robson, 25 other games
Olivier Carado, 23 other games
Gay Marshall, 22 other games
Pascal Urro, 21 other games
Dimitri Bodiansky, 18 other games
David Bercier, 18 other games
Michel Salvado, 16 other games
Michel Janecki, 16 other games
Pierre Dumas, 15 other games
Bertrand Israël, 15 other games
Thierry Carado, 15 other games
Éric Safar, 12 other games
David Levy, 12 other games
Sidonie Weber, 12 other games
Nicholas Varley, 10 other games
Minh Nhat Nguyen, 10 other games
Laurent Baudet, 9 other games
Philippe Bitoun, 9 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by PolloDiablo (16878)