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Zero Zone Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Intro - Finding out your father is dead
Inventory screen
Daddy's office
(Intro) Our protagonist receives some sort of paper from his father...
(Intro) ... which turns out to be his Last Will.
(Intro) Somebody appears to be sitting in our father's apartment.
One comfortable table in our father's office in the Kanary Corporation
And another nice corner in our father's office
Exiting the office of our father
This long hallway leads to the reception desk of the Kanary Corporation building.
The front desk lady of Kanary
The game's main menu interface
There's a cop waiting for us in the waiting zone of the reception.
The cop wants us to find out more about the demise of our father. (The subtiles are optional.)
Of course there are also public restrooms in the Kanary building.
It seems we can't exit the Kanary building the ordinary way because of environmental hazards, if we don't wear a radiation suit...
... so we're getting beamed to a different location instead.
The hallway leading to our father's apartment
Now THIS is what a cool apartment in 2089 looks like!
That's a nice view our father has from his apartment!
He also has a really comfy bedroom area.
You can even lift the waterbed into the air at the press of a button.
These doors lead to the restroom and bathroom.
Even the toilet in this apartment screams luxury!
And here's the beautiful bathroom. Looks like our father even has a dog, seeing how there's a bowl at the bottom right.
This appears to be the kitchen and dining room.
This computer terminal is located in the center of the apartment and is surrounded by a beautiful row of seats.
From every computer terminal in the game, you can access your private account (left image), the Kanary website (middle image) and specific parts the public database (right image).
The Kanary Corporation website
Some biographies on the Kanary Corporation website
Information about several places the Kanary Corporation is responsible of
It seems Kanary is even producing robot pets! I bet our father has (or had) one of those dogs.