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Zlatogorye 2 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Character generation screen. Choose one of three presets or distribute points manually
The beginning of the game, high priest Kotar is talking about the situation in the kingdom
Journal, quest log and bestiary
Character stats, resistances, immunities and other info
The game features day-and-night cycle, and you can skip a desired number of hours
Trying to persuade the colonel to allow me enter the arms room
People don't mind if you borrow the stuff from their chests, including those they're supposed to be guarding
Gained some exp from a minor quest
Beautiful artwork
In the city
Shopping interface
The circus is in town
Talking to a village elder
One of loading screens
Random battle versus some thugs - I have 80% chance to hit
Attacked by slugs
Fighting some alien-like creatures
Fighting a fairy and reptile beasts
The spoils of battle
The map
Fighting some 'bukas' in the wild
The bestiary fills gradually as you slay monsters