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Zombie Army Trilogy Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen.
Main menu.
The main addition to the game is Episode 3, the final part of the story that began in Nazi Zombie Army 1 and 2.
The original chapters received some lighting and texture updates.
The dramatic killcam, a staple of the series, also received some upgrades.
You can find gold bars scattered through the levels, these don't help your score at all but they're part of an achievement.
Some levels contain a few mounted machine guns. When you see these, expect a mob of enemies to be nearby.
The walking skeletons are back, and this time, they're mad.
Your combo meter will rise as you make more and more kills without missing. Your kill score will also be multiplied by that amount.
You can change your character to any of the original four characters or their female counterparts... an updated added more characters.
Here are all the playable characters in the game. The PC version added the Left 4 Dead characters in an update.
This seems significant. Anyway, you can examine fallen soldiers to get bullets or explosives to fight the undead hordes.
Guys stop staring at the ceiling and HELP ME oh wait you're ghosts never mind
Oh look, it's this guy.
Oh that Hitler and his wacky hijinks against the natural order of life and death.
The game shows your achievement progress as you play.