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Zombie Smashers X Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Character selection screen
The game starts at Andy Lane.
A food store. There are stores for all tastes, 'cause some characters are veggies, for instance.
Smashing some zombies, yeah!
Just like Mario jumping over a row of Goombas!
Entering a tomb.
You can grab the enemies and throw them against the others.
Smells like trouble...
The first boss
He's dead... again!
The tattoo shop. Here you can buy tattoos which will grant your character special powers.
I've got the Eye Glyph tattoo, which grants me the ability of knowing what benefits food will bring me before buying it.
Using my new-found power at a food shop.
More stores downtown
Another boss comes...
Fighting zombies at the swamp.
This boss is a little tougher.
Fighting ninjas at the highschool.