Zork: Grand Inquisitor Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
The game's intro is composed out of stylishly monochrome historical footage...
...as well as live action scenes shot specifically for this game. The titular Grand Inquisitor suggests to shun magic, shun the appearance of magic, shun everything, and then shun shunning
Starting location. Beautiful colors on the sky... The direction arrow shows you where to go
Well, it is... a well, I'd say. The question is - how do you get into it safely?
The game is full of humorous posters, announcements, etc., reflecting the satirical atmosphere
An example of the "hand" cursor that allows you to pick up objects
Exploring the town of Port Foozle
Cutscenes often feature live actors. Jack here is making his first appearance
Your inventory. Nice arrangement - and objects can be zoomed on, too
You'l meet many funny creatures in this game
Your spellbook. Beautiful design, indeed. You'll gradually accumulate quite a lot of exotic spells!
An example of item usage on an in-game object (don't worry - this is not a solution to a puzzle)
Is there anything you'd need from here?..
Your first spellcasting assignment - opening a door!
The game has quite a few books. This one instructs you how to tame a snap dragon
The Underground Empire
Want to learn some magic?
Strange colors... I wonder if there is a clue hiding there...
German version - a messed-up "plan" of the Underground Underground (really, that's how it's called!)
A short video depicting you riding an escalator
Beautiful garden!
Strange security system... and I have no idea how to bypass it yet
Look, it's the classic White House from the first Zork! I can't believe that!..
Reading the diary of an experienced wizard, who shares his thoughts of the new regime
The Grand Inquisitor even ordered to produce his own dolls... and you can click on one of them for a funny sequence
This mysterious, almost surreal room will serve as one of your "hubs", where you'll return frequently with essential items
This exotic bedroom belongs to the wizard Dalboz. You open your main menu above it
Look in front of you, a two-headed hellish dragon!..
Even in hell you'll need to pay for everything! Come on!..
This Moby Dick parody is not just a funny read - it is connected to your own adventures in a rather direct way...
You meet a... err... passenger in one of the Underground stations. He seems to be an avid reader...
At some point in the game, you'll be swallowed by a... leviathan? Maybe you'll need Jonas for help!..
Beautiful view of strange islands in the sea... You attempt to use one of your weird items - I don't think it works
Hmm... Endless Fire. I wonder whether it's just one of those weird Zorkish things or a clue to a puzzle solution? Or both?..
Solving some mechanical puzzles. You attempt to cast a spell on that valve. It doesn't seem to work
Okay, I'll keep those methods in mind!..
You've been imprisoned! Are you sure this is the item that will help you escape?..
You die significantly less here than in earlier Zorks - but it can still happen, and you are rewarded with a funny message
A breathtaking view of the land
Opening your spell menu on top of the castle and the tower
Flood Control Dam. Of course. There must be one of those puzzles in a Zork game
This puzzle involves mixing drinks
The University is gorgeous. And I think I've seen it somewhere before...
Students of magic are still students, after all...
This machine can make new spells! But do you know how to use it?..
I wonder if I need this card to travel to those... interesting destinations?..
Manipulating an electric coded message. This is the result. But is this what you wanted?..
Playing a strip rock-paper-scissors variant with Jack